Hayes Tea is the result of a decades-long love affair with teas from around the world.

At Hayes Tea, we've dedicated our lives to sourcing and studying the finest teas from as many locations as possible. From the Amazon to Zimbabwe, throughout China, Taiwan, Japan, and Indonesia, there are thousands of humble tea farmers, working to create one of the most delicious beverages on Earth. At Hayes Tea, our mission is to find the best of these farmers, and bring their art to you!

From the time I was too young to remember, I’ve always loved tea. I started out mostly drinking black tea, but I soon started enjoying oolong, green tea, and white tea. As I grew older, I began experimenting more and more, trying all sorts of teas from around the world.

Eventually, life caught up with me, and I got married, settled down, and had kids. Now I’m loving life and I’m so proud to say I work with my daughter selling the best teas from around the world!

We source the finest teas from cultures and countries around the world. Every tea we sell comes with a money-back guarantee. If you're not happy for any reason, simply return the unused portion of your purchase and we'll refund the full amount you paid. We'll even cover return shipping!

Our Accessories page contains some of our favorite teapots, teacups, travel mugs, silicone infusers, and other must-haves for every tea lover! They also make great gifts, so grab an extra bamboo travel mug or a beautiful peacock teapot for your mother, sister, brother, or wife! You know they'll love it!